Domina Cincinnata Lucretia Alba Violea

The Power Behind the Triclinium


Mistress Cincinnata of the family Lucretii, surnamed “Pale,” nicknamed “Violet”

Mask Courtesan. Cincinatta Lucretia is used to entertaining company and influencing people, both as a mortal and undead.
Dirge Authoritarian. The more power she gains, the more she is galled by the idea of anyone matching or surpassing her.
Clan Daeva
Bloodline ~
Wing Senex

Mental Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 2
Physical Strength 2 (+1 Vigor), Dexterity 2, Stamina 2
Social Presence 3, Manipulation 4, Composure 2

Mental Academics 2, Investigation 2, Politics 2, Religion 1
Physical Athletics 1, Brawl 1, Larceny 1, Stealth 1
Social Empathy 1, Expression 1, Intimidation 1, Persuasion 3 (Seductive), Socialize 2 (Hostess), Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 2 (Casual)

Merits Attache 1, Haven 1, Invested 1, Noble Heritage 1, Resources 1, Retainer 1, Safe Place 1, Status (Camarilla) 1, Status (Senex) 2, Striking Looks 2
Disciplines Celerity 1, Majesty 1, Vigor 1
Traits Health 7, Willpower 4, Blood Potency 1 (Vitae 10/1), Humanity 7 (Stepdaughter @ Humanity 6), Size 5, Speed 10, Defense 4 (1 vs ranged), Armor 0 , Integrity 2, Initiative 4

~ Gain more power for myself
~ Throw a truly amazing party
~ Learn more useful information

Wardrobe of expensive garments (especially anything silken or purple), collection of jewelry, paints, and perfumes; dagger; blood-bound mortal husband


A cold, haughty, marble beauty, the curly-haired pale domina of the Lucretii was married off to a senator at fourteen, after the man’s wife, Vibia, died in childbirth. Barely out of childhood herself, she was expected to raise the girl as well as provide a male heir for her new husband, Marcus.

The benefits of marriage to a wealthy senator were not so bad, even if he was over a decade her senior. In exchange for doing her wifely duties, she was able to throw lavish parties, and wear fine gowns and jewelry. Unfortunately, she could never produce a child. Despite constant attempts, all she had were a succession of miscarriages. One consolation was the constant optimistic outlook of her stepdaughter, Prima Lucretia, whose hopeful demeanor earned her the cognomen Beatrix.

Still, her husband would have divorced her and sought another wife to bear an heir, had Cincinnata not displayed not only her beauty, but a talent for social graces and a subtly persuasive demeanor, which she first employed to convince him to keep her—and keep trying for a child—and, later, to ply out useful secrets and gossip during her parties for him to use politically. In time, she even learned to add in a few suggestions of her own.

Eventually, she drew the eye of a Daeva who could not stand to see her beauty (or her machinations) tarnished or lost, and chose to Embrace her to put them to use for the Senex. At their behest, she continues to manipulate her husband; as she is publicly known to have died, he has remarried once more—to Sextia Lucretia Nerva, a woman whom Cincinnata has hand-picked for the position.

Having had a taste of power, Cincinnata Lucretia has acquired the agnomen “Violea” for her almost imperial ambitions and her love of purple—a color worn in larger amounts mostly by high nobles and the imperial families, and she has plenty of it in her wardrobe. Though she has all the time in the world to further improve her position (and now has her husband very firmly under her thumb), she is nowhere near the top. Yet.

Domina Cincinnata Lucretia Alba Violea

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