Gaius Marius Calidus, Lanceatus, Cetus, Avitus

Savage Paladin of the Legio Mortuum


Gaius, of the Marii, surnamed ‘hot-headed’, son of Gaius, grandson of Titus, from the Palatine tribe, nicknamed ‘of the spear,’ nicknamed ‘sea monster,’ nicknamed ‘ancestor,’ Equestrian and Military Tribune

Mask Idealist. Even if he no longer breathes, he remembers what it was to be a true Roman, and holds tightly to Dignitas, Gravitas, Pietas, and Virtus.
Dirge Monster. Feral, bloody urges constantly impinge on his thinking, and sometimes giving in to them feels better than anything else he can imagine.
Clan Gangrel
Bloodline Kerberoi
Wing Legio Mortuum

Mental Intelligence 2, Wits 2, Resolve 2
Physical Strength 3, Dexterity 2, Stamina 3 (+1 Resilience)
Social Presence 3, Manipulation 2, Composure 3

Mental Academics 1, Investigation 1, Politics 1, Warfare 1 (Ambush)
Physical Archery 1, Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Ride 1, Stealth 1, Survival 1, Weaponry 3 (Spear)
Social Animal Ken 1, Expression 1 (Inspiring), Intimidation 1, Persuasion 1, Socialize 1, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 1

Merits Debate Style (Rhetoric) 5, Fighting Style (Kindred) 4⁺, Haven 2, Mentor 4 (Julia)⁴, Multilingual (Gothic, Greek) 1, Noble Heritage 1, Resources 1⁺, Safe Place 1, Status (Camarilla) 2, Status (Legio Mortuum) 5¹⁺, Three Heads of Kerberos (Cunning 1, Feral 4, Seductive 1), Tip of the Spear 1, Touchstone 2
Disciplines Animalism 1, Majesty 1, Protean 2, Resilience 1, Veneficia 1
Traits Health 8 (+1 Resilience), Willpower 5, Blood Potency 3 (Vitae 12/3), Humanity 6, (Touchstones : Flavius, Fausta, Marii family), Size 5, Speed 10, Defense 6, Armor 2/0, Integrity 2, Initiative 5

~ Protect my family
~ Protect the remnants of the Camarilla
~ Establish power in Byzantium

Lorica musculata, scutum (painted with Legio I Minerva’s symbols: a capricorn and an owl); pugio, spatha, lancea; silver equestrian ring, pouch of statues depicting lares and penates, purse full of gold and silver coins and jewelry, toga virilis; torpid bodies of Aulus Julius Senex, Julia Sabina, and Julius Festus; trio of Legio guards headed by Thascius Marcellus, soldier of Mars


Gaius Marius Calidus was born and raised as a scion of the Marii, and well devoted to his family and the larger glory of Rome itself. Despite not being the greatest student, he still applied himself as much as he could, though he often found himself more tempted to indulge in physical pursuits and carousing as well. His own skill, just as much as his family’s long history and connections, saw him in good stead as a legionary soldier, where he earned the agnomen Lanceatus for his talent in wielding the spear. Eventually he found himself in a moderate position of authority in Legion postings across the northern regions of the Empire, even ranging into Germany as an optio to a centurion in his cohort, part of Legio I Minervia: “Minerva’s First Legion.”

But, during his travels in the north, he met with something else that changed him; something that claimed those dark, cold forests for its own, and hunted him and his fellow soldiers. Despite his century’s vigilance, it stalked amid them at night, in the shadows of the forests, and in between battles and patrols, taking them one by one until he was the only remaining—and then not even he remained.

And yet, he rose when he should have journeyed to Elysium and, unsure of where next to go, returned to Rome, traveling on his own, yet still always feeling as if he were being followed. He learned to slake his thirst, at first upon animals he could call to him and, increasingly, on other men he encountered, finally reasoning that the gods must have spared him, and let him return for some purpose.

Upon returning to Rome he discovered that the news of his century’s demise had been sent well ahead of him, and so his family already knew of him as dead. This news, combined with his first encounters with other propinqui, led him to regain some sense of purpose, and even to thrive among his fellows in the Legion of the Dead, where his experience commanded some respect. As a first step in taking care of his family, he has brought one young member of his household under his wing and is working to make him his agent in the daylight hours: His nephew, Lucius Marius Valens, son of his elder sister, is a sturdy but impressionable young sort who wants to make his family—and his recently-deceased forebear—proud.

Gaius Marius is dead, yes; he is a shade who lurks beyond the light of the torches in his family’s home, a hungry shadow who calls upon the beasts to be his eyes and ears, who sinks into Pluto’s embrace in the earth, whose body is hardened to blades but withers before Sol Invictus as smoke before a strong wind. Yet he still moves and still has desires. Protecting Rome, and protecting his family, is what drives him, for he knows of the monsters that lurk beyond the borders.

But what if Rome itself is weakening from within . . . ?

Gaius Marius Calidus, Lanceatus, Cetus, Avitus

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